Mark Twain once said that he didn't let his schooling interfere with his education.
Schools today face a lot of pressure to ensure that there is no gap between
schooling and quality education. To do this, principals and the school management
try to make the teaching - learning environment engaging and rewarding for both
teachers and students.

While CBSE's CCE pattern and SQAA workshops help schools achieve this
objective, NextDeeksha, through its interactions with principals, teachers and parents
has identified many workshop concepts which can help every stakeholder.

NextDeeksha conducts audits and health checks on your school to understand your
school's unique requirements and creates customized workshops designed
especially for your school. Schools can also request specific customized workshops
for their teachers, students and parents.

Mark Twain
Leadership Skills

Ideal for : Senior Secondary Teachers
Duration : 4-6 hours

Teachers are often the first point of contact for most students outside of family. Teachers with a set of positive dispositions and attitudes can have a lasting influence on students. To be seen as a leader, teachers must have integrity, energy and a personality that can inspire students. Teachers influence students consciously and subconsciously. Grooming teachers to become good leaders may help create strong learners.


Ideal for : Secondary and Senior Secondary Teachers
Duration : 4-6 hours

Self-efficacy as a term means that human beings have their own ability, capacity and potential to be proactive and succeed. It also inspires self-confidence. A teacher who strongly believes in herself can solve problems and meet challenges head-on and inspire students to do the same. This workshop on self-efficacy intends to make teachers more aware of their own potential for increasing their confidence and inspiring their students too.

Stress Management

Ideal for : K-12 teachers
Duration : 4-6 hours

Being a teacher is not easy. It requires patience, energy and motivation. Due to a lot of emphasis placed on making the education system better, it is possible that teachers become burdened with tasks and responsibilities. Workshops and interactive sessions on stress management can help teachers cope with the many responsibilities assigned to them.

emotionally intelligent classrooms

Ideal for : K-12 teachers
Duration : 4-6 hours

Schools and parents have come to realize that placing emphasis on learning academic subjects is not enough. They also want students to become responsible individuals. Social and emotional skills of teachers play an important role in the later stages of students' lives and the way they perceive relationships within the society. Incorporating social and emotional learning programs can make students emotionally intelligent and responsive individuals.

Nurturing Creativity

Ideal for : K-12 teachers
Duration : 4-6 hours

Sir Ken Robinson famously said that we don't lose creativity; we grow up, and grow out of it. Children are extremely creative, and it is up to schools, teachers and educators to ensure that they don't get educated out of creativity. This workshop introduces many simple techniques and innovative teaching methods which enable teachers to nurture creativity in students.

Do You Know Your Students' Learning Abilities?

Ideal for : Pre-primary and primary teachers
Duration : 4-6 hours

Every person has a unique learning style. Some learn better through visual medium, or auditory or kinesthetic. It is important to identify these learning styles early on so that students are taught in that respective style so that they are able to learn better. Identifying students' learning abilities can make them successful students and individuals.

Storytelling Techniques

Ideal for : Pre-primary and primary teachers
Duration : 4-6 hours

Every one loves a good story. Using storytelling techniques in the classroom can make the entire process of learning engaging. Students enjoy stories more than lesson plans, definitions, theorems or memorizing historical dates. Teachers who share personal anecdotes to contextualize concepts engage students more. This workshop introduces teachers with techniques, tips and methods to become better storytellers.

SQAA Awareness

Ideal for : School Administration, Management, Principals and Teachers
Duration : 4-6 hours

School Quality Assessment Accreditation (SQAA) is a standard by which a school's infrastructure and quality of education is assessed. Principals, teachers and the school managements must be aware of the various requirements under SQAA for providing quality education to students and improve the day-to-day functioning of the schools.

Digital Skills for 21st century Teachers

Ideal for : Principals and K-12 Teachers
Duration : 4-6 hours

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), when integrated into the teaching-learning process, has a tremendous impact on learning outcomes. Using digital technology, teachers can make the classroom environment more interactive and engaging. But most teachers face challenges in adapting to new, digitized teaching methodologies.
This workshop guides teachers on how to use advanced teaching methods to collaborate effectively with students.

Academic Excellence

Ideal for : Principals and School Management
Duration : 4-6 hours

Running a school is a tough task, and running it effectively requires skill and experience. To impart quality education, schools must pursue academic excellence. This workshop can help schools understand and adopt the standard practices required to ensure that a school functions well and achieves its mission of being a great seat of learning.

Strategic Leadership

Ideal for : Principals
Duration : 4-6 hours

Principals are leaders: it is their vision that determines a school's success. NextDeeksha's experts are ex-principals and academicians, who have vast experience, and who understand the practical challenges of being a principal and a leader. These workshops can inspire principals to become effective leaders.

Effective Parenting

Ideal for : Parents of pre-primary and primary students
Duration : 4-6 hours

Parenting plays a major role in boosting confidence of children and turning them into successful individuals. Most children learn life skills such as self-esteem, empathy and anger management at home. Their first experience at home often moulds their personality and attitude for the rest of their lives. This workshop can help parents identify and understand different parenting styles.

How to Effectively Raise Your Child

Ideal for : Parents of secondary and senior secondary students
Duration : 4-6 hours

Children are the future citizens of any society. Their early experiences at home and at school determine their ambitions and their attitudes. Simple things such as setting realistic goals, appreciation and involving them in decision-making processes can not only help strengthen the parent-child bond but also help them become better individuals in life.

Career Counselling

Ideal for : Students of classes 9-12
Duration : 4-6 hours

Choice of career should not be motivated by money or herd-mentality. Choosing a career is one of the most crucial decisions for everyone. Understanding and identifying one's capability is important to make a career choice. This workshop helps students understand the gravity of this choice, and equips them with factual knowledge required to make that choice.

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