In 2014, UNESCO surveyed 3,000 schools in India and concluded, "The only way
to solve the learning crisis is to get teachers who are trained, motivated and
who enjoy teaching, who can identify and support weak learners."

About Us

Thanks to its pan-India presence and investment in research, Next Education has gained excellent insights in teaching and learning strategies. These insights have enabled its consultancy arm, NextDeeksha, to design and develop teacher training programs and school consulting solutions that make efforts to enhance the teaching-learning process.

NextDeeksha is dedicated to improve the quality of education – from helping schools develop interactive curricula to training teachers to become master storytellers who promote active listening in class and capture the attention of students. Custom workshops help teachers identify and embrace the potential of all types of learners, so that no student is left behind. Through school auditing services, your school can get all the attention it deserves and carve its own niche in the field of education.

NextDeeksha has a singular objective:– to make the education system work by bringing out the best in all the stakeholders – teachers, principals, parents and students. It encourages them to be mentors, role-models and active collaborators in the teaching-learning process.

Martin Luther King
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
"The function of education is to
teach one to think intensively
and critically. Intelligence plus
character - that is the goal of true

Project Head

Darpan Vasudev
Darpan Vasudev

Darpan has a wide experience in the education and training industry. He believes that to make students future thinkers and innovators, their long-term needs should be catered to, while keeping their short-term needs in mind. To realise this vision, he leads NextDeeksha with passion. He has helped establish many preschools and training centres by providing end-to-end operational and academic support.

A highly acclaimed educationist, Darpan has worked with top education companies in the country. He has helped set up school management, administration, infrastructure, and provided insights on education pedagogy and methodology.

Darpan is also a fervent behavioral trainer, and has trained many teachers, students, parents and principals. He has also helped bring about a transformation in the entire teaching-learning process. The testimonials of his contribution have come in various forms. He has used distinctive methods and conducted trainings, which have garnered outstanding reviews.

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