Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can NextDeeksha provide me with an action plan to improve my school’s performance?

    Yes. NextDeeksha’s quality auditors will conduct a detailed school assessment and draw a strategic plan to fix any procedural gaps. All the devised strategies will be aligned to KPIs and performance measures.

  • Our teachers perform their duties well but how do we identify their strengths and improve their performances?

    NextDeeksha will conduct ‘Competency Mapping’ that documents the strengths of your teachers and enables you to delegate responsibilities accordingly. This will enhance their productivity and reduce teaching staff attrition.

  • I run a small primary school that has around 425 students and 10 teachers. Will you provide training to my staff and students?

    NextDeeksha’s primary motive is to bring about a positive change in the education system by bringing out the best in teachers, principals and students. It doesn’t matter whether your school is small or big – our experts will do their best to provide training and consultancy services for you. They will also offer you school audit and quality assurance services.

  • How can a parent benefit from NextDeeksha's workshops?

    All parents wish to bring up their child in the best way possible. They want to boost their child’s confidence and help him/her deal with academic and social pressure.

    NextDeeksha's experts have observed the growth cycle of millions of students and understand the trials and tribulations that a child faces academically and socially. Many of these experts have a background in Child and Adolescent Psychology that helps them identify the emotional, physical and social needs of a child. They help parents understand and adopt parenting techniques that will contribute to the child’s holistic development.

  • There are numerous training modules available online. Why should my school opt for your customized training and consultancy solutions?

    Next Education has studied over 150,000 teachers with 15 million teaching hours in real-life classroom environments. Its Academic Board comprises 25 senior academicians, 30 subject-matter experts and various content developers.

    All this research, along with the cumulative experience of the Academic Board, is the backbone of NextDeeksha. Our experts completely understand that every school has unique training needs and design start-to-finish, customized training and school consulting solutions accordingly. They also provide consulting services for setting up schools, conducting audits and framing school curricula.

  • CBSE mandates certain training programs for us teachers. Do we really require additional training?

    Yes, your school definitely requires NextDeeksha’s training programs. They will transform the teaching-learning process at your school, making it more engaging, meaningful and rewarding. Here are the reasons why schools should opt for NextDeeksha’s trainings and workshops:

    i) CBSE training programs are only for CBSE-affiliated schools. On the other hand, NextDeeksha’s trainings and workshops are delivered across boards. This includes CBSE, ICSE, Army and State boards.

    ii) CBSE trainings are uniform throughout the country. However, our training programs are customized to suit a school’s specific needs.

    iii) CBSE’s training programs are based on CCE, CBSE initiatives and classroom management. However, there are several other areas where you teachers require help, such as stress management, leadership skills, digital teaching methods, and differential learning. NextDeeksha’s trainings and workshops address all these areas.

  • Will the contract period start immediately after we sign the agreement?

    The contract period will start after only three months from the agreement signing date. All data uploading, trainings, User Acceptance Tests (UATs) will be done in these three months. The contract period will start only after the implementation completion certificate is collected from your school.

  • As an institution, we look forward to guidance in building our school’s self-assessment portfolio. Can you help?

    Yes. NextDeeksha’s team of academicians come from diverse backgrounds. They will conduct workshops for school management and principals and guide them in constructing the school’s self-assessment portfolio and documenting the activities of all the departments.

  • Is ‘Staff Assessment’ in your list of services?

    Yes. Our team of experts will observe your school’s classroom teaching techniques, interact with your teachers and create a detailed feedback report called Staff Assessment Document. This document will highlight the effectiveness of the teaching styles being used at your school and the strengths and weaknesses of your teaching staff. Using this document, the school principal can track and monitor the teaching-learning process at his/her school.

  • Why is it important for a teacher to cater to individual learning needs of their students?

    Every child is gifted with unique learning and comprehension abilities. Thus, it is very important for a teacher to use teaching tools that enable him/her to handle the diversity of learners in the classroom. He/she should devise a lesson plan that meets the needs of auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. True learning can happen only when a teacher caters to the needs of all the diverse learners in the classroom.

  • A lot of schools use STEM learning methods today. Do I still need NextDeeksha’s workshops?

    Next Education strongly believes that creativity is not limited to students associated with the arts. It can be demonstrated in all school subjects and curriculum areas. Creativity can be encouraged in the classroom by adopting creative techniques such as group problem-solving, role play, real-life based lesson plans and hands-on activities.

    NextDeeksha’s customized teacher training workshop introduces teachers to innovative methods of teaching that encourage students to think differently. For instance, students can be encouraged to experience (not merely study) Science as a creative endeavor to understand nature. Likewise, Maths can be taught using problem-finding techniques that build the students’ interest in the subject.

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