Research and

Research and Development

Backed by Research,
Equipped with Technology

Since 2007, Next Education has studied over 150,000 teachers with 15 million teaching hours in real-life classroom environments. Its e-learning solutions have impacted the learning habits of over 7,000,000 students across 7,000 schools. NextDeeksha draws on these rich experiences to deliver quality teacher training programs, CCE implementation training, customized workshops, and school consulting and management services.

Experts' Involvement

Experts' Involvement in the
Life Cycle of Training Solutions

From the inception of content to its creation to delivering training and workshops, NextDeeksha's in-house experts are closely involved in the design and development of the educational solutions. They are not only responsible for conceptualizing a product to make school management better, but also for formulating and implementing strategies to improve it for the end users – principals, teachers and students. Through their boundless experience, they are able to fill the very lacunae they felt when they were teachers and principals themselves.

Customized Solutions

Run health checks
for your school

Sometimes, schools may not know the real reason behind dipping enrollments or unmotivated students. Through its personalized school consulting and auditing services, NextDeeksha can run health checks for your school to understand these issues. Through perceptive SWOT analyses, customized solutions can be worked out to help you identify and resolve your school's unique problems.

Start-to-Finish Consultancy

One stop shop for all your
school's needs

NextDeeksha's experts not only train, they also guide in setting up schools, conducting school audits, and chalking out comprehensive, detailed curriculum frameworks. Be it CBSE CCE pattern implementation or conducting a personalized workshop for teachers, NextDeeksha is a one stop shop for all your school's advisory, training and consultancy needs.

Thought Leadership

Making the educational
system better

Among themselves, NextDeeksha's experts have over 166 years of experience in the education sector. They have authored over 50 books and 1,500 papers, and provided over 15,000 hours of corporate training to over 250,000 participants. They come with a strong sense of personal mission statement to make the existing educational system better – by advising one school at a time, training one teacher at a time.

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