Your valuable guidance will help teachers in future.
Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia
Principal, KIIT World School, New Delhi

Quality Assurance and Auditing

NextDeeksha’s curriculum experts guide schools with quality assurance services such as evaluations, benchmarking of curricula and teachers' qualifications and experience. Even the micro–scheduling of curricula can be evaluated and reviewed against parameters of relevance, engagement and learning of students. This can help schools understand their own performance and evaluate their training needs. Independent audits help schools understand where they stand in terms of national and/or international standards of quality education. With over 166 years of experience in curricula building, training and authoring books, the NextDeekshaTM auditors are experts in assessing, improving and maintaining quality in schools.

SQAA, CBSE and IGCSE Accreditation

NextDeeksha provides schools with advisory services that help them understand the functional aspects of implementing School Quality and Assessment Accre-ditation (SQAA). To Make SQAA a success, principals, teachers, parents and non teaching staff must actively participate in its implementation. Our experts provide assistance in data collection, analysis, documentation and interpretation.
CBSE and IGCSE accreditation helps schools assess their teachers' qualifications and experience, including examination boards, syllabi, moderation and moderation training. The advisory council of NextDeeksha consists of experts who have the technical know­how of – and global exposure to – the best practices of the IGCSE.

International Boards – IGCSE/A levels

NextDeeksha’s experts have global exposure and assist in understanding international curricula by providing timely assistance in implementing and evaluating processes.

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